Li-ion Batteries Prototypes Manufacturing Laboratory

Case Study

Li-ion batteries prototypes manufacturing laboratory




Standard layout of an desiccant dehumidifier allows to carry out highly deep dehumidification of air, but at the same time there is a restrictive factor, such as humidity content in regeneration
air. Yet, an interesting task from Latvia appeared before our engineers. It is necessary to maintain practically zero humidity at temperature of 15ºC (this corresponds to less than -45ºC dew point
temperature) in laboratory of lithium-ion batteries.



This task was solved at developing of innovative dehumidification principal layout, which allows to dehumidify air to minimum. The distinguishing feature is that the air for dehumidification is
taken not from surrounding environment but it is taken from the already dehumidified air. Thus its dehumidification ability grows many times. We succeeded in getting humidity content 0.1g/
kg at temperature of 15ºC off the unit. For observing a balance in connection with air used for regeneration purpose, fresh air intake is necessary, which is cooled down to the uttermost for
condensing humidity from it. Then this air is mixed with return air and it is delivered for further dehumidification to an desiccant rotor. After dehumidification the air is cooled to the required
temperature. In such a way the unit MDC Dryroom solves the problem of deep dehumidification and cooling. The installation for 500 m³/h resolves the problem of 30 m³ premise in full. The installation is completed with the minichiller.

Distinguishing features of the installation

  1. Preventing damage of highly sensitive Li-Ion batteries prototypes;

  2. Maintaining low dew point temperature

  3. Complete unit with pre- and postcooling;

  4. Use of the dry air for regeneration.

High Standards

Our Desiccant dehumidifiers will help you to solve the problems that arise due to increased moisture in the air which are corrosion, product damage, product adhesion, mold and fungi growth on the surfaces. We guarantee that our quality and price ratio is the best in the market.

Vast Experience

Practical experience in the desiccant dehumidification more than 15 years.

Made in Europe

All components made exclusively by European manufacturers.

EU standards

The equipment complies to all of the applicable EU directives and regulations.

How does the desiccant dehumidifier work?

The air which should be dehumidified (process air) goes through the desiccant rotor. Water molecules are adsorbed in a special silicagel rotor. Desiccant rotor is regenerated by the second air stream preheated to 90-140 °C. Moisture is removed from the premises in the form of warm moist air.