Thermal Plant Boiler Preservation with Dry Air

Case Study

Thermal plant boiler preservation with dry air




The problem of heat and power equipment preservation is very essential as of today. There are some preservation methods. One of them is creation of protective film on inner surfaces of equipment with the help of chemical substances. But it has the following shortcomings: in due course time the film becomes thinner and thinner to total disappearance; additional safety measures are necessary (continuous monitoring of chemical substances concentration both inside of preserving circuit, and in the air, surrounding it); and there appears a problem of these chemicals disposal. Also, there is very important moment at such preservation method – the problem of the humid air ingress in case equipment repair takes place. Therefore it becomes impossible to perform repair works quickly and safe.



DT Group engineers together with engineering personnel of TPP (Thermal Power Plant) “Zmievsky” in Ukraine studied the problem and came to the conclusion, that the most technically and economically advantageous method of preservation is purging of equipment with dry air. For the boiler the system of preservation by dry air on the base of MDC5000 Customized desiccant dehumidifier was developed. The specificity of this problem was that the boiler circuit consists of kilometers of heatexchange tubes, which should be purged with dry air. For this purpose the dehumidifying system is fitted with a booster fan with delivered external static pressure up to 5 000Pa which is just enough for solving the problem. All elements are placed on convenient mobile frame with wheels, hooks, and a handle for easy moving of the unit. It is very important, because different equipment is put for preservation in any time and the unit mobility is simply the necessity.

Distinguishing features of the installation

  1. Air handling unit with inbuilt desiccant dehumidifier (2 in 1);

  2. Temperature, humidity and air cleanliness control (HEPA H13 filters);

  3. WEB monitoring;

  4. Weatherproof casing for outdoor installation.

High Standards

Our Desiccant dehumidifiers will help you to solve the problems that arise due to increased moisture in the air which are corrosion, product damage, product adhesion, mold and fungi growth on the surfaces. We guarantee that our quality and price ratio is the best in the market.

Vast Experience

Practical experience in the desiccant dehumidification more than 15 years.

Made in Europe

All components made exclusively by European manufacturers.

EU standards

The equipment complies to all of the applicable EU directives and regulations.

How does the desiccant dehumidifier work?

The air which should be dehumidified (process air) goes through the desiccant rotor. Water molecules are adsorbed in a special silicagel rotor. Desiccant rotor is regenerated by the second air stream preheated to 90-140 °C. Moisture is removed from the premises in the form of warm moist air.