Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities

Case Study

Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities




At manufacturing of medicaments special requirements on temperature, humidity and air cleanliness are imposed. As a rule separate system is responsible for each parameter: extract-andsupply
system, dehumidifying system, and filtration system. DT Group engineering team succeeded in combining of all these functions in one unit.



Supply-exhaust unit DA-15000 was mounted at Pharmacare PLC plant in Ramallah city (Palestine). The system was tailored with regard to special requirements on humidity, temperature, and air
cleanliness. Thus the parameters of supply dry air of 11ºС @ 1 g/kg (absolute humidity), cleaned in HEPA, the filter of H13 class were achieved. Supply-exhaust unit is made weatherproof, which
means the use of casing coating resistant to ultraviolet light and special roofing for precipitation protection. Magnehelic differential pressure gauges were installed for filters contamination control. This system for nominal air flow of 14 000 m³/h has automated control system (with a large touchscreen control panel) with Ethernеt support, which allows to make online monitoring of the unit working parameters and also the possibility of its control from any place with internet connection.

Distinguishing features of the installation

  1. Air handling unit with inbuilt desiccant dehumidifier (2 in 1);

  2. Temperature, humidity and air cleanliness control (HEPA H13 filters);

  3. WEB monitoring;

  4. Weatherproof casing for outdoor installation.

High Standards

Our Desiccant dehumidifiers will help you to solve the problems that arise due to increased moisture in the air which are corrosion, product damage, product adhesion, mold and fungi growth on the surfaces. We guarantee that our quality and price ratio is the best in the market.

Vast Experience

Practical experience in the desiccant dehumidification more than 15 years.

Made in Europe

All components made exclusively by European manufacturers.

EU standards

The equipment complies to all of the applicable EU directives and regulations.

How does the desiccant dehumidifier work?

The air which should be dehumidified (process air) goes through the desiccant rotor. Water molecules are adsorbed in a special silicagel rotor. Desiccant rotor is regenerated by the second air stream preheated to 90-140 °C. Moisture is removed from the premises in the form of warm moist air.