Desiccant Dehumidifiers : DL Range


Designed to be the most advanced, reliable, quietest, and user-friendly dehumidifiers available on the market today. Ultra-quiet, low maintenance dehumidifier, that provides the end user a host of information previously not seen on small/medium industrial desiccant dehumidifiers.

The DL series units are available with a range of pre and post treatment modules to meet the specific requirements of your application.

Constructional Features:

  • The casing has high resistance to atmospheric corrosion and made of 1,0 mm stainless steel sheet metal; some parts made of 1,5 and 2,0 mm stainless steel in order to achieve rigidity; the panels with 20mm rockwool insulation
  • Compact design and low weight of the unit
  • Available in a range of casing materials (430SS, 304SS, 316L)
  • Single piece, compact design, allowing to rapid installation
  • Pre Post treatment modules available
  • Low maintenance design and long life seals
  • High quality  components made exclusively by European manufacturers

User friendly touch screen HMI as standard

Technical data:

Process air
Rated airflow – 3500 m³/h
Available static pressure 400 Pа

Reactivation air
Rated airflow 920m3/h
Available static pressure 400 Pа

Power supply
(3х400V, 50 Hz) 27,2 kW
Current 40 А

Dehumification capacity
At 20Cdb, 60%RH – 21,9kg/h

Control system
Controller – Siemens
Display type – touch panel
Communications (options) – MODBUS, BACNET

Miscellaneous data
Weight 498 kg
Operating temperature -30/+40˚С
Max noise level without ductworks  76dBA
Air filter EU4
IEC protective class IP54
Insulation 20mm

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