Customized Products

Air Handling Units with in-built desiccant dehumidifier

We are able to provide tailor made units from 1600 … 50000m3/h of nominal flow rate.
The installation options: indoor or outdoor.

The units are able to maintain necessary temperature, humidity and indoor air quality in the industrial, commercial or residential buildings.


The unit can be provided with following functional sections:

  • Heating (water, steam, electrical, gas fired)
  • Cooling (chilled water or DX)
  • Heat recovery (plate, rotor or 2 coils with intermediate fluid)
  • Fine filtration, HEPA filtration, mixing, sound attenuation

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Features and advantages of our

Air Handling Units

Casing is made of sandwich panels Aluzinc sheet metal. Externally panels are coated with powder painting which gives more corrosion resistance and longer lifetime in aggressive (outdoor) environment. Casing of outdoor installation units is externally coated with special epoxy based painting.


Internal and external sandwich panels are fitted with rockwool insulation (40-50mm). This allows to achieve high thermal insulation, reduce the noise level and heat losses between the regeneration and process air flows as well as to environment.


Simple but reliable furniture.

Long- lasting special seal with metallic cord fixed mechanically without use of any glues or silicone.


Airtight aluminium profile dampers.


Different controls panels are available on request – LCD or touchscreen. MOD Bus data exchange protocol for integration in to the Building Management System.

Most advanced and efficient plug-in fan with EC motor

  • Integrated electronic control system;
  • 30% less energy consumption compared to other centrifugal fans with VSD;
  • Low noise level.

The fans are installed on the special rubber shock absorbers in order to minimize the vibration.

Desiccant rotor consisting by 82% from silica gel which has high moisture absorbing ability. The lifetime of the rotor under normal circumstances is 10-15 years.

3 way valve with actuator for heatexchanger capacity control.

HEPA filtration for high efficiency air filtration of fine dust.

Pocket filters with high dust holding capacity. Could be provided from G4 to F9 class.

Easy accessible electrical cabinet is integrated in the unit. Only well known and reliable components from ABB, Schneider electric and PLC from Carel (Italy) or EVCO (Italy) are utilized.

Pressure switch for the filters contamination control

High Standards

Our Desiccant dehumidifiers will help you to solve the problems that arise due to increased moisture in the air which are corrosion, product damage, product adhesion, mold and fungi growth on the surfaces. We guarantee that our quality and price ratio is the best in the market.

Vast Experience

Practical experience in the desiccant dehumidification more than 15 years.

Made in Europe

All components made exclusively by European manufacturers.

EU standards

The equipment complies to all of the applicable EU directives and regulations.